is trauma counselling and support.

Emotional rehabilitation

In an indiscriminate and unpredictable world, the MBL Global business has evolved in response to a growing demand from Insurers and policyholders to deliver socially responsible products across Corporate, Personal and Specialty lines portfolios.  

Whilst in many global locations, the response from emergency services to a major incident is swift and effective, there remains a lack of consistent, coordinated and professional post event care for those in the vicinity who are psychologically affected. 

With a footprint supported by 14 global critical incident centres, we are able to tailor the delivery of specific trauma and emotional wellbeing programmes in over 193 countries.

From natural disasters to political violence and terror attacks, our global network of professional counsellors deliver rapid response and post event long term support in virtually any territory across the world.

We provide a 24/7/365 response combining appropriate information, practical support, telephonic crisis support, management consultation, on-site group/individual meetings, and face-to-face counselling as required by affected individuals following a defined event.

Making Better Living: In the moment and crisis trauma management

What makes our services different?

We are specialists in the field of rapid response, on site and post event trauma counselling and provide services to all people affected by incidents – not simply employees. We manage all and only trauma related aspects of the incident with no disruption to an Insurers claims department. We offer a socially responsible and dedicated end to end trauma counselling service, bespoke in design to the needs and exposure of our client with survivors at the forefront of delivery.

Our partnership with Workplace Options

Workplace Options (WPO) are the worlds largest privately owned and independent provider of integrated wellbeing solutions. Formed over 35 years ago, they assist in providing the infrastructure and on the ground support in the event of an insured incident. WPO operations are ISO and ANAB accredited.

Our partnership represents an arrangement created between two organisations with a shared social vision; to harmonise experience and infrastructure in the delivery of trauma counselling worldwide to allow Insurers and Reinsurers to bring private enterprise and oversight into a public space to better serve the community. MBL Global provides the alternative distribution, insurance and reinsurance know how in Global Markets and the interface into the WPO operational environment.